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Daniela Stands For:

Housing as a human right.

Daniela is a pragmatic housing advocate who will build bridges– literal and figurative– between Austin’s East and West sides. As a renter and middle-income worker, the city’s increasingly urgent housing shortage is one she feels personally. To address this issue, Daniela believes in equity-minded approaches that focus on building deeply affordable, dense housing, particularly along Austin’s transit corridors.

To achieve this, she will advocate for:

  • amending the Land Development Code
  • passing VMU2 to allow for taller buildings (denser housing)
  • eliminating single-family zoning
  • eliminating mandatory parking minimums
  • expanding the city’s light rail and e-bike program, and the infrastructure to accommodate it
  • cap-and-stitch or other alternatives to the TX-DOT I-35 proposed expansion
  • the creation of boulevards that allow for micro-mobility

Improving health-related infrastructure.

Daniela is a life-long advocate of mind and body health.

She will prioritize dismantling the areas of food and healthcare apartheid throughout the district.

Daniela will work to increase health care access through:

  • Working with Council, Travis County, the State, hospital providers, and developers to explore creating a new hospital in district 3 to serve the southeast side of Austin
  • Working with Council and Travis County to ensure that funding is available to support CommUnityCare and ensure they are appropriately staffed
  • Working with council to better fund ATCEMS by promoting public safety pay parity and a comprehensive retroactive tuition reimbursement program
  • Sponsoring and supporting the creation of mobile mental health units overseen by ATCEMS who will work in tandem with Integral Care
  • Working with Council to ensure appropriate funding is available to provide adequate staffing and resources for the ATCEMS CHP Program

Daniela will promote better health and wellness in the district by:
  • Taking measures to address the 20-year lifespan disparity between East and West Austin
  • Sponsoring and supporting programs to address food deserts on the East Side such as Double Up Food Bucks
  • Supporting the expansion of green space to promote better mental and physical health
  • Sponsoring and supporting the expansion of the e-bike program
  • Supporting local abortion funds and protections (such as the GRACE ACT)
  • Supporting gender-affirming health centers such as Ashwell and KIND Clinic
  • Sponsoring and supporting the creation of additional sidewalks on the east side to further increase mobility options

Centering environmental justice and climate resiliency.

Environmental justice is the throughline across all of Daniela’s priorities.

She will advocate for holding larger institutions responsible for their role in the environmental and cultural degradation caused by their decision to move to Austin, impacts of which are felt most strongly by communities of color. Daniela will also work to increase greenspace throughout East Austin, which she sees as a right and not an amenity afforded only to those of a certain income bracket.

Austin must take climate resiliency more seriously. This is an issue that impacts all people, regardless of zip code or income level, but most immediately and strongly impacts economically disadvantaged families on the East Side, who are already the most vulnerable.

She will start by opposing the proposed Austin Energy rate hike as it’s currently written.
These inequitable changes will set Austin even further behind on its conservation goals. Austin residents should not be taking on the majority of cost burdens, especially when they are the ones consuming the least. Corporations must take on more of a role in supporting the people of Austin, especially when their presence has driven up the cost of living so much. Also, Austin must take further steps to increase incentivization for energy efficiency and towards renewables, whereas the proposed changes AE has made takes us in the opposite direction.
Daniela will promote environmental sustainability by:
  • Protecting and expanding green space
  • Ensuring green space is within a walkable distance of neighborhood homes
  • Divesting from Fayette Coal Power Plant as per the Joint Sustainability Committee 2016 Recommendation
  • Making use of city land to create community-led food forests, such as Festival Beach Food Forest on the East Side
  • Sponsoring and supporting ordinances preventing the creation of new developments in environmentally-sensitive areas such as aquifer recharge zones
  • Auditing and updating city infrastructure including water and sewage pipes to reduce ground water leakage into Bull Creek as per the UT Geosciences 2020 research study
  • Continuing the collaboration with Austin Water in the implementation of the Water Forward water resource plan
  • Sponsoring and supporting ordinances incentivizing new developments to include water capture and reuse on site

Additional Policy

Updated November 27, 2022

EFFICIENT public transit

  • Oppose the expansion of I-35, “No higher, no wider”
  • Support measures for equitable expansion of light rail in Austin
  • Continue to support CapMetro’s vision of becoming a fully carbon-neutral transit agency
  • Support a strategic plan by CapMetro’s Board to make bus routes Zero-Fare
  • Improving sidewalks (lighting, tree cover, accessibility etc)
  • Expanding and protecting bike lanes
  • Increase enforcement for automobiles blocking bike lanes
  • Expanding Bike Storage Facilities (Bike Lockers, Bike Corrals, Bike Racks, Bike Shelters)
  • Improving pedestrian & neighborhood safety by supporting innovative “pedestrian-first” road designs
  • Improving wait times and coverage area for CapMetro’s MetroAccess Program
  • Ensuring all bus stops are not only ADA-compliant but truly accessible
  • Increasing the amount of Electric Scooter parking options and improving parking and dumping enforcement

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